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L-Acoustics XTi Series

by FOH Staff • in
  • New Gear
• Created: October 1, 2009

L-Acoustics’ new 8XTi and 12XTi coaxial enclosures, primarily for the fixed installation market, share the electro-acoustic design of the established XT series. The 8XTi and 12XTi have cabinetry and rigging that can be color-matched according to architect specifications. L-Acoustics’ XTi series can be acoustically and mechanically modeled using the Soundvision 3D simulation software or with the EASE/CATT data for acoustic design consultants. XTi enclosures also offer rationalized production and the implementation of the hybrid and flat presets found in the new LA-Network Manager v1.2.

The XTi series point-source technology is suited to distributed applications in semi-reverberant spaces where a single reflected source offers a more coherent radiation field with less reflected virtual sources than a dual horn-woofer combination. Point-source systems are also adapted to proximity applications such as stage monitoring, front-fills and under-balcony fills.

The 8XTi and 12XTi are available as plug-and-play solutions with LA4 and LA8 amplified controllers. These come with a set of dedicated preset libraries, offering a high amplifier density, high efficiency for lower power consumption and less heat and a fast and easy setup.

The LA4/8 also integrates an Ethernet-based network capability for the simultaneous networking of up to 253 units. The LA-Network Manager software offers real-time remote control and monitoring of the amplified controllers via a graphic interface.

The 8XTi and 12XTi are expected to begin shipping in December of this year and will be available in maroon-gray and white as standard colors. A custom color program is also being offered.

For more information, please visit www.l-acoustics.com.

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