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Justin Timberlake

by FOH Staff • in
  • January 2019
  • Showtime
• Created: January 15, 2019

Photo by Ralph Larmann


The Man of the Woods World Tour


Sound Co

Clair Global



FOH Engineer: Andy Meyer

Monitor Engineer: Paul Klimson

Systems Engineers: Phil Kriz, Justin Lenards, Josh Hughes

Monitor Systems Tech: Paul “Boyo” Manuel

AE: Paul Manuel

System Techs: Hugo Gudino Jr, Dustin Chrysler, Carlos Lopez-Olavarria, Rachel Rozzi, Nathan Sonnenberg, Justin Lenards

RF Techs: Hugo Gudino Jr., Elliott Wiley

IT Tech: Kevin Leas

Clair Global Rep: Scott “Scooter” Hernbeck




Console: DiGiCo SD7

Speakers: Clair Cohesion CO-12’s (8 hangs of 12), CO-10’s (infill), CP-6 (front-fill), CP-118, CP-218 (flown & ground stacked)

Amps: Lab.gruppen PLM 20000Q

Processing: Neve Portico MBP, Portico II Channel, Shelford Channel, R10, 535, 5014, 5043, 5045, 5059, 5421; Wes Audio Dione; Bettermaker 502V; Manley Vari MU; Elysia Xpressor; Apollo 16; Apogee Symphony; Thermionic LRB, Swift, Phoenix; Antelope Orion, 10M, Trinity; Optocore X6R, DD32; Focusrite 2i2, 6i6; Maselec MLA4



Console: DiGiCo SD7

Processing: Neve Portico II, API 527, Bricasti M7, Smaart C2, Eventide Eclipse

IEM’s: Shure PSM1000 system with Jerry Harvey Audio JH16V2 Pro earpieces for JT

Mics: Shure Axient Digital with sE V7 Capsule (wireless, for JT vocals); Shure SM91a, VP88; sE Electronics V7, sE V7X, sE8, sE5; Audio-Technica ATM230, AT350, AT4060; Milab DC-96B; DPA d:vote 4099 (wired)

Misc: Radial JX44, SGI 44


Tour Notes:

Justin Timberlake’s 2018 world tour had an auspicious kick-off with Timberlake performing a medley of songs from his fifth album, The Man of the Woods, during the Super Bowl LII Halftime Show on Feb. 4, two days after the album’s release. The tour ran from March 13 to Oct. 22 in North America and Europe, with 76 shows garnering more than $149 million from 1.175 million tickets sold. Timberlake’s tour resumes in early 2019 with 40 more concerts planned in the U.S. and Canada set from Jan. 4 to April 13, 2019.

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