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Innings Festival

by FOH Staff • in
  • May 2018
  • Showtime
• Created: May 15, 2018

Sound Co

Clearwing Productions


Tempe Beach/Arts Park,

Tempe, AZ


FOH/System Techs: Phil Reynolds (Main Stage), Aaron Kobel (2nd Stage), Jim Homan (3rd Stage)

MON/System Techs: Almir Lejlic (Main Stage), Nate Henderson (2nd Stage), Nick O’Brien (3rd Stage)

Stage Patch Techs: Andy Rouse, Steve Coronado, Taylor Mundstock,

Producer: C3 Presents

Production Managers: Charly Brems, Kimberly Gambucci

Account Manager: Ryan Driscoll

Gear List:


Consoles: Avid Venue Profile, Yamaha QL1 (Main Stage), Avid Venue Profile, Yamaha QL1 (2nd Stage), Yamaha PM5DRH (3rd Stage)

Speakers: Main Stage: 12 L-Acoustics K1, 4 KARA per side; 32 SB28; 16 KARA (front fill/out fill); 2nd Stage: 8 K1/2 K2 per side; 20 SB28; 6 DV DOSC (front fill); 3rd Stage: 6 KARA, 4 KIVA-II (front fill), 8 SB28


Consoles: Avid Venue Profile (Main Stage), Avid Venue SC48 (2nd Stage), Midas M32 w/ DL16 16×8 stage rack (3rd Stage)

Speakers: 16 d&b M4 wedges, 6 ARCS, 4 SB28, 2 SB18 (Main Stage); 22 JBL M22 wedges, 8 ARCS, 4 SB28, 2 KARA SB18 (2nd Stage); 6 KARA, 4 SB18, 10 HiQ (3rd Stage)

Event Details:

The festival took place March 23-25 during Arizona MLB spring training. Pictured here: Young the Giant.

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