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by FOH Staff • in
  • November 2018
  • Showtime
• Created: November 14, 2018

Sound Co



Baltimore Convention Center

Baltimore, MD


FOH Engineer: Matthew “Larscis” Testa

Monitor Engineer: Jessie “Forest Rain” Starbourne

Systems Engineer: Callum MacVean

Production Manager: David “Pendragon” Camp

System Techs: Wesley Houton, Paul “Seirei” Capone, Kyle “Datsmore” Romstad, William “ServerRat” Schaeger



Console: Midas M32

Speakers: 16x DB tech DVA T12, 20x DB tech DVA T4, 8x L-Acoustics KS28

Amps: 4x QSC pld 4.5 5kW

Snake Assemblies: DL32


Speakers: 8x JBL VRX-915m

Mics: Shure ULXD

Event Details

BronyPalooza was one of the highlights at BronyCon 2018, held for My Little Pony fans from around the world at the Baltimore Convention Center. Alas, toy fandom has its limits; organizers report that BronyCon 2019 will be the last such gathering.

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