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Biotech Week Boston 2018

by FOH Staff • in
  • October 2018
  • Showtime
• Created: October 11, 2018

Sound Co

Metro Multimedia



Hynes Convention Center,

Boston, MA



FOH Engineer: John Silverman

Systems Engineer: Nick Cornwell/John Barghout

Production Manager: James Carolan

Technical Director: Neil McDonald

System Techs: Jake Schultz, Paul Quealy, Sam Willgoose, Dante Conti, Paul Harper




Console: Yamaha M7CL

Speakers: 4 JBL STX 835 ground stacked on 4 STX828 subs for mains. 4 JBL PRX 612 for front fills. 5 JBL VerTec VT4888 flown per side for side fills.

Amps: 1 Lab.gruppen FP6000Q (mains). 2 Crown XTI 6002 (subs). 5 Crown I-Techs of varying power per side (delays).

Processing: dbx Drive Rack 260 for Lab.gruppen, Crown/JBL presets in all Crown amplifiers

Power Distro: Lab motion 6 L2130 X6 Edison circuit power distro

Rigging: Columbus McKinnon 1-ton motors

Breakout/Snake Assemblies: Whirlwind



Speakers: 2 JBL PRX612

Mics: 6 Shure ULXD, 2 Shure MX412


Event Details

This annual conference provides attendees with top science and business leaders of the biotech realm for a blend of discussions and awards presentations. Lab scientists, researchers, investors and execs also had a chance to rock out and party. Metro Multimedia provided an audio assist. The conference ran from Sept. 4-7, 2018.

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