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In The Trenches

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  • In the Trenches
• Created: May 15, 2006

Beth Gladen


Sweet Spot Audio Productions

Cleveland, OH



Live sound, both medium and small scale. Sound, stages and lighting.


New company! First year of going out and doing this on my own! Clients include The

Grog Shop, The Winchester and several other local bands. Quote:

"I'll do it!"

Personal Info:

I am a 20-year veteran of the audio industry and finally decided to go out and do it

for myself! I put together three different systems, bought a truck and started telling

everyone I can think of. Wish me luck!

Music, fashion, cooking, home studio.


My consoles are Allen & Heath GL-2200 series 32 and 24 and a (dare I say it?) Mackie

1604. Amps are all Crown. Speaker systems are Martin, EAW and JBL. Outboard

is mostly BSS, with a couple TC Electronic M-1s and a D-2. Also Ashly EQs on the

monitors. Mics are the usual SM 58s and 57s, Beta 57s, Beta 58s D112, D-6 as well as

Beta 52. Sennheiser 421s, ATM Pro 25s and AKG & Rode condensors.

Don't Leave Home Without:

My M-1, D-2 and my Tascam burner

Jake Obermeier


AJ Audio

Fort Worth, TX


Full sound system, FOH mix, monitor mix.


"Nothing to do but to do it."

Personal Info:

I'm the only 18-year-old I know who owns their own sound company.

Editing videos.


EAW KF650s, EAW SB 850s, Crest HP8-40, Shure SM58s, Shure PSM 600 personal

monitors. dbx DriveRack. Audix drum mics, dbx 16XL compressor/limiters.

Don't Leave Home Without:

Cell phone.

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