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Top Tours of 2017: Lady Gaga

by FOH Staff • in
  • January 2018
  • Showtime
• Created: January 17, 2018
Lady Gaga 2017 'Joanne' tour photo by Steve Jennings

Joanne World Tour

Sound Co:
Eighth Day Sound


  • FOH Engineer: Paul Ramsay
  • Monitor Engineer: Simon Higgs
  • Systems Engineer/Crew Chief: Wayne Hall
  • Monitor Tech: Chris Fischer
  • RF Tech: Clinton Reynolds
  • Techs: Greg Horning, Andy Dudash, Chris Smith
  • Project Manager: Jason Kirshnick



  • Console: DiGiCo SD7
  • Speakers: d&b audiotechnik J8, J12, J-SUB, B22-SUB, V8, V12
  • Amps: d&b audiotechnik
  • Processing: Waves, Bricasti, TC Electronic System 6000, Tubetech


  • Console: DiGiCo SD7
  • Speakers: d&b audiotechnik M4 wedges, B6 subs
  • Amps: d&b audiotechnik
  • Processing: TC Electronic System 6000
  • IEMs: Shure
  • Hardwired Mics: Shure; Sennheiser; Radial JCR Reamp, Radial SW8
  • Wireless Mics : Sennheiser, Shure

Tour Notes:

Lady Gaga’s 2017-2018 world tour, in support of her fifth studio album, Joanne, ran from Aug. 1 to Dec. 18 in North America and continues from Jan. 14-Feb. 23 in Europe. As with previous tours, Lady Gaga puts a big priority on moving around the performance space and interacting with the audience, with automated staging elements that morph and change during the course of the show. In addition to the 85-foot-wide main stage, there are two satellite stages, a B-stage and, when she’s not seated in front of her elaborate piano, lots of choreographed movement (and the resulting complexities posed to the audio crew) throughout the show.

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