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Echo Park Rising

by FOH Staff • in
  • December 2017
  • Showtime
• Created: December 12, 2017
The street festival took place in Los Angeles on Aug. 18, 2017.

Sound Co
Spaceland Presents

Echo Park Neighborhood,
Los Angeles, CA


  • Promoter: Spaceland Presents
  • FOH/MON/System Engineer: Brandon Operchuck



  • Console: Allen & Heath dLive S7000 with redundant GigAce connection to DM48; DM48 loaded with Dante Card for accepting tracks from stage
  • Speakers: (2) 7 box arrays of QSC Wideline 10, (8) GP-218
  • Amps: (10) QSC PLD 4.5
  • Plug-Ins: Allen & Heath dLive
  • Snake Assemblies: Hosa Edge XLR , Hosa Little Bro Sub Snakes


  • Speakers/IEM’s: 8 monitor speakers mixed from FOH on A&H dLive S7000, including QSC K12’s, Bag End DrumSub and a Shure PSM900 setup with SE215’s.
  • Mics: Shure Beta52, Beta98, SM58, SM57, SM81; Telefunken M80; Radial DI’s; Hosa Edge XLR’s.

Event Details

Echo Park Rising was a street fair that took place in Los Angeles’ Echo Park neighborhood on Aug. 18. The event featured music and comedy from seasoned performers to “emerging homegrown talent.”

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