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Void Acoustics Launches New Website

FOH Staff • On the Move • March 25, 2020

Known for its product features and design aesthetics, Void Acoustics continues to enhance its product portfolio, and has launched a new, redesigned website.

Reflecting the diverse markets now served by Void Acoustics, the website has been given a significant facelift addressing the Commercial, Fitness, Touring and Club sound sectors, featuring the products relevant to each market to allow for easier navigation by customers.

For those who are uncertain which product in the Void Acoustics portfolio will suit their needs, a new search option lets users look for products based on the required application.

The website also contains new assets from individual spec sheets ,dwg files along with completely updated user manuals as well as a brand new “Meet The Team” so customers can meet the people behind the brand.

For more info, visit

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