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New Trade Organization to Promote In-Ear Monitors

FOH Staff • On the Move • October 7, 2019

IEM expert Mike Dias has created an organization called the In-Ear Monitor International Trade Organization (IEMITO). Most of the U.S.-based companies are said to be on board, including Sensaphonics, located in Chicago.

More details from IEMITO (

For many in the pro audio world, custom in-ear monitors (IEMs) are the race cars of headphones. The R&D that goes into creating an IEM suitable for professional use – whether that be live sound, broadcast, studio or other production areas – is extensive. And while the global market for these high-performance monitors is small, their design often has a huge impact on the trends of the industry.

In an effort to bring together in-ear manufacturers, dealers, suppliers, and end-users, Mike Dias, known throughout the industry as an expert in custom in-ear monitors, has created an organization called the In-Ear Monitor International Trade Organization (IEMITO). The goal of the organization and its website is to be a repository of unbiased information and to act as a directory for all the members with features such as job placement assistance, industry best-practices, trade show participation and others.

Company founder Dias learned the in-ear industry while working for Jerry Harvey in the very early days of Ultimate Ears. “This was before they had their own lab and were working with Westone as their in-ear manufacturer.” He helped them move from Las Vegas to Irvine after they took on their initial round of investment capital and helped launch the original universal in-ear lines when less than 1% of headphones were over the $99 price point. He later became global Sales & Marketing Director for Logitech, parent company of Ultimate Ears. Since leaving UE, Mike has become an in-demand speaker about custom in-ear monitors with groups around the world.

“I’ve watched the industry grow from the back of a tour bus to what it is today and have been able to cultivate mutual respect and friendships with all of the pioneers of the industry. It was hard not to notice just how big the industry has become and how many manufacturers are now participating globally.”

Since its launch, the organization has been a hit with manufacturers; most of the US-based companies are on board, including Sensaphonics, located in Chicago. Company founder and president Dr. Michael Santucci said, “With the growth of the IEM product category over the past 25 years, it’s important to have a trade organization dedicated to meeting the needs of both manufacturers and end users while promoting the use of in-ear monitors. Sensaphonics is proud to be a founding member of IEMITO.”

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