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New Ownership for Rock The House Entertainment Group

FOH Staff • On the Move • October 30, 2019

CLEVELAND, OH — Rock The House Entertainment Group, Inc. recently announced new ownership with Chief Operating Officer Ryan Konikoff acquiring the majority share. Rock The House founder/CEO Matt Radicelli will remain at the helm of the company.

The entertainment group was started by Radicelli in 1999 as a small, home-based business. Over the years, the company has rapidly grown and developed into a full-service entertainment and audio-visual company, producing and entertaining at more than 1,500 events annually. In 2010, Rock The House acquired Selective Sound Entertainment, which specializes in providing expert DJs for weddings and other events. Then, in 2013, the company acquired Zone Entertainment, a boutique entertainment company specializing in Bar/Bat Mitzvahs and school dances. These acquisitions enabled higher quality and increased efficiency for clients of all brands.

“Rock The House is a progressive young company that has been consistently reinventing itself since we started,” Radicelli explains. “What this partnership enables is for us to be bolder and scale faster.”

The new ownership structure consists of six officers who have been instrumental in the company’s growth. Radicelli and Konikoff will serve alongside CFO/VP Steve Tanruther; VP of operations Amy Van Duyne; VP of social sales Jeff Kutz and founder/president of Zone Entertainment, Jeff Dick.

“We’ve always functioned as partners, so more things won’t change than will change and we’ll continue to push each other,” Konikoff explains. “I think of it not as buying an asset, but as investing in our team—to allow us to move forward, stay together, and build something even greater.”

Radicelli notes that this collaboration has enabled Rock The House to thrive. “I’ve always felt that everyone was in,” he says. “Four of us have been together since the beginning and this change is the formalization of how we’ve been doing business for the past 20 years.”

The company has experienced double-digit growth 19 of its 20 years and has won multiple national awards for its event work. Radicelli acknowledges Konikoff’s vision and role in Rock The House’s expansion, helping to secure some of the company’s largest accounts.

“I have a commitment to continuous improvement, from how to better serve our clients, support our employees and grow our company,” Konikoff says. “We are going to continue looking at the changing needs of our clients, our employees and ourselves and adapt to what has to happen next to provide the greatest value to all of them.”

Rock The House plans to expand with a new build on the horizon and will continue to push for growth both regionally and nationally.

“We see so much potential here in Cleveland, but we also want to push for regional and national growth,” Konikoff says. “Will we be the same company tomorrow, next week or in five years as we were the day we signed the deal? Not a chance, but I don’t think anyone would want or expect us to be.”

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Left to right: Jeff Kutz, partner/VP of social sales; Amy Van Duyne, CSEP, partner/VP of operations; Ryan Konikoff, partner/COO; Matt Radicelli, partner/founder/CEO; Jeff Dick, partner/founder/president of Zone Entertainment; Steve Tanruther, partnerVP/CFO



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