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LEA Professional Names LVX Marketing Sales Rep for California and Nevada

FOH Staff • On the Move • September 2, 2020


SOUTH BEND, IN – LEA Professional, a provider of pro-audio amplifiers with cloud- and IoT-based technologies, has appointed LVX Marketing as the company’s sales representative for Southern California and Nevada.

More details from LEA Professional (

LVX Marketing was founded in 2013 by industry veterans John Hernandez and Ed Ulibarri and between them they have over fifty years of experience working with professional audio manufacturers.

“I was originally introduced to LEA Professional a year ago and their innovative technology has always stayed in my memory,” said John Hernandez, Co-Founder of LVX Marketing. “I’m proud that today we can announce our partnership with this nimble, groundbreaking company.”

Speaking as to why they choose to partner with the innovative amplifier manufacture, Hernandez commented “We saw how well they understood the market and took care of their clients and knew we would work well together. They produce pioneering, aesthetically pleasing products at a great price point with exceptional service,” added Hernandez. “Not only are you buying high quality amplifiers, you are buying into a team that has decades of experience in this industry.”

LVX Marketing have already seen interest in LEA Professional’s newly launched Cloud Platform, providing system integrators with powerful, reliable, and secure remote monitoring and control capabilities when used with the CONNECTSERIES of IoT-Enabled professional amplifiers.

“The Cloud Platform is not only extremely easy to navigate; it is also secure, which is one of the main elements our clients are impressed by,” commented Hernandez. “The system can be accessed and controlled from anywhere in the world without the need to VPN into a Local Area Network, right now anything that helps with remote work is going to be in demand.”

“We have a lot of respect for how LVX Marketing operates in the market including their unwavering loyalty to their clients,” said Scott Robbins, VP of Global Sales for LEA Professional. “They understand the market, its current needs and challenges and we’re pleased to have them serve as our representatives in Southern California and Nevada.”

Find a detailed regional breakdown and contact information for all LEA Professional representatives and distribution partners at: LEA Partner Map at

LVX Marketing can be contacted by email at

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