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Avlex to Handle MIPRO’s Portable PA Products

FOH Staff • On the Move • November 5, 2019
Avlex to Handle MIPRO’s Portable PA Products

Avlex to Handle MIPRO’s Portable PA Products

KANSAS CITY, KS — Avlex Corp. announces that MIPRO, the Taiwanese manufacturer of wireless audio solutions, has awarded Avlex Corporation exclusive distribution rights to the company’s portable PA products. With this new addition to its already comprehensive MIPRO lineup, Avlex is now the exclusive distributor of MIPRO products in the United States.

With two categories of portable PA systems, MIPRO’s wireless PA systems such as the MA-303SB or MA-808DB are ideal for performing musicians, DJs, and as an easy-to-use solution for a wide range of other sound reinforcement tasks. Additionally, the company’s Personal Portable PA products such as the MA-100SB compact ultra-light portable PA and the companion ACT-32H Handheld Transmitter, are an ideal choice for tour guides, lecturers, and a host of other similar applications. Regardless of the chosen system, users will appreciate MIPRO’s Scan & ACT sync technology for fast and easy wireless channel set-up, the integrated, retractable ‘luggage-style’ handles and sturdy wheels for easy transport, and the VOP (voice over priority) feature that mutes the music when a wireless microphone is used, plus numerous other attributes.

MIPRO’s wireless PA systems carry significant benefits, among them simplicity, flexibility, and portability. As all-in-one PA systems with multiple wireless microphone solutions, they require very little setup or takedown time, making them ideal solutions for special events, parties, and similar projects. Further, these systems are incredibly easy to use—with no experience or technical background required.

The MIPRO wireless PA systems’ modular design provides a wealth of operational versatility, such as a USB/SD memory card player/recorder, USB/CD players, and capacity for up to 4 wireless receivers and transmitters. All systems are AC and battery operated—making them ideal for any indoor and outdoor task. In addition to their retractable handles, MIPRO’s wireless PA systems offer the lightest weight in their class and are manufactured using rugged, durable, and weather-resistant injection-molded cases—making portability a key asset.

Fred Canning, National Sales Manager for Avlex Corporation, remarked, “MIPRO has been the world leader in wireless, battery-operated, portable PA systems for over 20 years and these systems truly deliver on performance, simplicity, flexibility, and portability. These go-anywhere, durable systems are easy to use and fully customizable, making them an affordable solution for public address applications of nearly any size and scope. MIPRO’s PA systems are trusted and are used by schools, athletic teams, houses of worship, corporations, street performers, tour guides, public safety personnel, fitness instructors, and more in over 80 countries.”

MIPRO’s wireless PA systems are expected to be available through Avlex beginning Mid-November 2019.

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