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Worthen Arena Steps Up Game with JBL VerTec

FOH Staff • News • January 8, 2008

NORTHRIDGE, CA — Indianapolis, Ind.-based IRC Audio designed and installed a new sound system for Worthen Arena at Ball State University. The arena is home to Ball State’s basketball and volleyball teams, as well as a variety of concerts and university events. Because of spatial constraints in the existing structure, IRC Audio chose VerTec VT4887 compact line arrays for their small size and light weight.

In total, 28 VT4887 line array elements are arranged in four arrays (two with six and two with eight) in a circular configuration directly beneath the main scoreboard. Additionally, a cluster of three JBL AM6215/95 loudspeakers provides down fill coverage, while two ASB6128 subwoofers provide additional low-frequency output. Crown I-Tech amplifiers power the system.

“The entire system had to exist under the scoreboard and hang off the existing framing,” said Michael Petrucci, senior designer, IRC Audio. “So, we needed to find a loudspeaker system that was not any bigger or heavier than the previous system, but was an upgrade in performance with improved fidelity and increased acoustical output. The VT4887’s are actually smaller and lighter than the previous loudspeakers, but provide much higher output power capabilities.”

The new system is also scalable and can be organized into a variety of setups for different events. “We predesigned a number of coverage zones and configurations for the system, which can be scaled for anything from a fundraising dinner to basketball games,” Petrucci said. “The annual commencement ceremony is probably the fullest workout this system gets.”

Since completion of the installation, the new JBL loudspeaker system has met and exceeded both designer and client expectations. “The system has worked out extremely well,” Petrucci said. “We have had no problems scaling the system for different events, and the performance of the VerTec and AE Series loudspeakers has been tremendous.”

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