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TrooTrace Bundles Up To DigiDesign

FOH Staff • News • June 2, 2006

DALY CITY–Digidesign has announced that Troodon Technologies' TrooTrace plug-in for TDM will be included with all VENUE systems as part of the VENUEPack 2.0 promotional bundle. TrooTrace offers 10 audio analysis and system alignment tools that run directly on VENUE's DSP mix engine, eliminating the need for a dedicated computer and audio interface at the mix position. Single- and dual-channel FFT analysis functions are available, including: input spectrum (RTA) and spectrograph; system frequency, time and phase response; auto delay, coherence, SnapDiff Live and peak/RMS level meters. A multi-windowed interface allows the user to store and recall custom layouts to view multiple functions simultaneously or quickly zoom in on areas of interest. New signal routing features in VENUE's D-Show 2.0 software allow any solo'ed instrument or mix to be sent to TrooTrace for immediate analysis.

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