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The Fray Adlibs on Latest Tour

FOH Staff • News • November 21, 2007

LONDON — ADLIB Audio supplied their new Digidesign D-Show Venue live mixing console and new VerTec subs for multiple-award winning Denver-based piano rockers The Fray, along with full audio production and crew for the band's recent UK Tour.

It was the first full ADLIB experience for The Fray’s FOH and monitor engineers Mark Maher and Brian Joseph, and they were pleased with the results. James Neale looked after FOH world and Richie Nicholson was on monitor duty. Joseph enthuses, “Richie and James are way above and beyond what we expected as crew — in terms of their knowledge, professionalism, hard work and total dedication to the job.”

The sound system was a JBL VerTec line array,  one of the many options offered by ADLIB. This varied in size day to day due to the wide variety of venues on the itinerary, with the full system running at 10 VT4889 elements per side, together with four VT4888s for front-of-stage infils and eight VT4880 subs per side. All ADLIBs VerTec subs are now loaded with the new high-powered JBL drivers.

Maher comments that VerTec has proved a flexible choice in all the different venues, where the system has frequently had to be ground stacked, a situation where the VerTec line array works particularly well. The Digidesign Venue is Maher's console of choice, and one of the reasons he likes it is because of its warm and natural sound. He took advantage of the console's extensive onboard processing, and ran just two additional Avalon VT737 valve compressors on the two guitars.

Amplifiers were Camco Vortex 6 for the main PA and Crown I-Tech 8000s for the subs.
ADLIB also supplied three Dolby Lake processors complete with wireless tablet remote.

At the stage end of the Multicore, ADLIB supplied a Yamaha PM5D console for Brian Joseph, chosen for its small footprint. He also used all the onboard effects plus some additional BSS DPR 404s compressor/de-essers for the vocals.

They ran six units of Sennheiser G2 series personal monitors, complete with five stereo ear mixes and a complete six-way wedge monitor system. Guitarist David Welsh has two different wedge positions, there's also a drum sub and the wedges also serve as a back up system. The wedges were all ADLIB’s popular MP3 low profile units, which Joseph really rates, and were powered by Crown  amps and processed by dbx.

ADLIB supplied full selection of mics including Sennheiser, AKG, Shure and Beyers. Lead singer Isaac Slade uses both a Sennheiser 935 wireless and a hard-wired mic as back up.

The band are "Good to work with, very focused and know what they want," says Joseph, adding that it has been great to see them develop and grow in the two years he's been onboard. They used Pro Tools for two specific moments in the set, a keyboard patch for the intro and a string patch created by the band for later on in the show.

The Fray joins the long list of up-and-coming bands that ADLIB has been working with during 2007. Account manager Phil Kielty says, "It's very exciting to be involved with them at this stage of their career — they are extremely talented and have a great future ahead."


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