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Sven Pro Provides Compact d&b Solution for New Church Location in Madison, WI

FOH Staff • News • December 21, 2020

MADISON, WI – Door Creek Church, a multi-site church that recently added an additional location on Madison’s North side, turned to Sven Pro for a sound system for a multi-use space. Sven Pro provided an efficient setup using gear from d&b audiotechnik.

More details from Sven Pro (

During the planning of a new north campus, Door Creek Church was intentional about having a multi-use space for hosting worship services on the weekends, but also community events centered around after school programs for children and youth during other times of the week. This resulted in the need for the room to be easily cleared and used as a small gymnasium including all A/V equipment. Sven Pro from Milwaukee, WI proposed a d&b audiotechnik system that brought excellence in audio quality and durability.

The system is very efficient, only utilizing one 20A circuit to run the entire speaker system on a single d&b 10D amplifier mounted in a rolling rack. It is possible to easily roll the rack out of the multi-use space when not in use. The system is designed around four d&b audiotechnik 8S speakers and a single 18S-SUB subwoofer, which provide high-impact sound for both pre-recorded music and live performances. Other audio components included an Allen & Heath digital mixing console, digital snake and personal mixing system.

All in all, Sven Pro designed a unique speaker solution that meets all of Door Creek Church’s requirements and enables the church to use the space to minister to the community in multiple different ways.


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