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Sounding Great, Even In Emergencies

FOH Staff • News • June 22, 2006

BURNSVILLE, MN–EV and Dynacord life safety, paging and pro sound systems are ensuring that the German stadiums used for the FIFA World Cup 2006–the most watched televised sports event in history–are sounding better than ever before, and all in compliance with the stringent European EN60849 standard for the use of sound systems for emergency purposes. Telex Communications is the only major pro audio company in the world able to provide pro sound products with which a stadium can be evacuated and still be compliant with EN60849. Dynacord ProAnnounce and EV NetMax (running IRIS-Net software) systems form the heart of these installations in stadiums across German, integrated with a wide range of custom-installed EV loudspeakers and remote-control Precision Series amplifiers. The installations at the Olympic Stadium in Berlin and Allianz Arena in Munich are shining examples of how to sound great while ensuring the safety of tens of thousands of fans.

The system at Olympic Stadium is comprised of a Dynacord ProMatrix (ProAnnounce in the US) life safety system, 171 XLC127+ line array boxes, and 38 P1200RL, 43 P3000RL and 2 P900RT remote-control amplifiers running IRIS-Net software. The historic stadium–a mass of masonry and classical grandeur–is complimented by a vast steel framed canopy, inside which the amp racks and XLC arrays are mounted in specially designed weatherproof enclosures.

The Allianz Arena installation has a network of 23 EV NetMax N8000 digital signal routing, control and monitoring units, which integrate 82 Xf, 72 Xi-2181, and 96 EVID 6.2T loudspeakers, 4 P900RT, 14 P1200RL and 53 P3000RL amplifiers, 49 Dynacord DPA4245, 68 Dynacord DPA4260 and 7 Dynacord DPA4140 amplifiers, and 1 Midas Venice 240 console.

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