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Shure Joins Forces with Volver a Soñar

FOH Staff • News • September 22, 2021

Cintia Concia

CHICAGO – Shure is supporting Volver A Soñar, an organization providing support for aspiring musicians in Latin American countries. The collaboration will begin with “She Sounds: Powerful Women,” hosted by Cintia Concia.

More details from Shure (

Founded seven years ago, Volver A Soñar has reached more than 300,000 people in 120 Latin America cities with its programs. Its mission is to use music to improve people’s quality of life through culture, education, and technology.

“We channel the efforts of society to help youth find life paths and opportunities through culture, music, education and bonding,” said Oliver Mauricio Iturbe Sánchez, General Director of the organization. “We’re thankful that Shure shares in this vision and we have the opportunity to work with their products and associates.”

Cintia Concia

The collaboration will begin with “She Sounds: Powerful Women” – a weekly performance showcase of more than 100 Latin American women from nine different countries. Hosted by fellow artist Cintia Concia, this weekly streaming broadcast will provide support for those pursuing their dreams to perform, while offering inspiration for those watching at home.

There will also be “She Sounds: Shure Sessions,” where female artists are selected via social media to perform at three regional events in Mexico.

In addition, Shure will develop an online educational workshop geared to help aspiring female artists in Latin America pursue their dreams by providing audio tips and answering questions about the music industry.

To complete the 2021-2022 program, four online contests will be held for different categories (Singing, Drums, Guitar, General) where, in addition to promoting the visibility of women in music, it will allow the winners to get new equipment.

The activities will begin this fall and continue throughout the year. More information about the organization is at:

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