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Rane Granted Patent on Perfect-Q Technology

FOH Staff • News • September 26, 2007

MUKILTEO, WA — The U.S. Patent & Trademark Office has granted US Patent 7,266,205, “Linearized Filter Band Equipment and Processes,” to inventor Ray Miller and assignee Rane Corporation.  

The technologies patented are used in Rane’s live sound graphic EQs, the DEQ 60 and DEQ 60L, Drag Net software controlled RPM series Programmable Multiprocessor DSP units, Serato Rane Series Graphic Equalizer Pro Tools plug-in for the Digidesign ICON and VENUE consoles.

According to the company, this new technology allows creation of a true “graphic” equalizer, one whose output response precisely matches its slider settings.


Full details available as RaneNote: "Perfect-Q, the Next Step in Graphic EQ Design" available free from the company’s Web site

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