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OCA Alliance Welcomes Adamson Systems Engineering

FOH Staff • News • February 10, 2020

BOTHELL, WA – The OCA Alliance announced that Adamson Systems Engineering has joined as its most recent member.

More details from OCA Alliance (

Kicking off ISE 2020, the OCA Alliance is very pleased to welcome Adamson Systems Engineering as its latest member company. A major presence in the professional audio industry, the Canadian loudspeaker systems manufacturer requires little by way of introduction. Head of Product and Technology, Brian Fraser stated, “As an audio manufacturer, we recognize the immense benefit open source protocols offer to the industry as a whole. Open Control Architecture is a protocol we’ve been invested in for a while and we’re happy our choice has been validated and standardized by the AES as AES70.”

ISE 2020 sees a significant number of exciting new AES70 announcements and offerings, with the alliance showcasing several new AES70 enabled products on its booth (7-H250), alongside developer tools and resources supporting the development and integration of the AES70 into new and existing media networking products.

The RA-ES70DSP04 is 4×6 DSP module with built in web-server, designed specifically for AES70 remote control from Profusion. Targeted at powered speakers, power amplifiers, networked microphones and audio effects gear, the design tools enable rapid configuration of DSP blocks, which include key audio algorithms. The AES70 device model and web-based control panel is automatically generated using the tools provided, minimizing the developmental investment required to enable implementation of AES70 control.

DeusO continues to promote OCA adoption, focusing on high performance AES70 libraries and product examples. The Germany based software company is displaying the world’s smallest known OCA device named ‘Bytesize’ with just 1KB of static RAM requirement, alongside a network latency performance evaluation, ‘Hasty’, and a downloadable AES70 evaluation kit, ‘Highjinks’, running on a Raspberry Pi.

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