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New World Audio Provides Meyer System for Catholic Church in Las Vegas

FOH Staff • News • February 8, 2021

St. Joseph, Husband of Mary Church. Photos: New World Audio

LAS VEGAS – Pro audio company New World Audio equipped St. Joseph, Husband of Mary with a Meyer Sound system including CAL 64 speakers, 500 LFC subs and a Galileo Callisto processor.

More details from New World Audio (

St. Joseph, Husband of Mary, one of the largest Catholic churches in Las Vegas, is the proud owner of a new audio system designed by local pro audio company New World Audio, and Meyer Sound. After more than three years of discussions between New World Audio owner Sonny Maupin and St. Joseph Pastoral Associate Greg Sinclair, a demo was scheduled.

Supplied with all dimensions of the main sanctuary, the design department at Meyer Sound recommended and shipped the following equipment: (2) CAL-64 speakers, (2) 500LFC subs, and a Galileo Callisto processor. Sonny Maupin calibrated and did individual microphone EQ on St. Josephs existing console for the demo. St. Joseph owns and uses (8) Shure wireless headset systems for all priest, in addition to a podium mic, piano mic, and multiple AKG choir mics.

The demo system was left in place for one week and used for all services. The response at the end of the week by all clergy, parish staff, and the majority of parishioners was overwhelmingly positive.

A meeting was scheduled immediately following this demo to discuss and arrive at solutions for providing proper audio coverage in other rooms and areas of the church, and to decide on other necessary components, such as consoles etc. New World Audio quickly provided a detailed system design which satisfied all requirements and concerns voiced by church officials at St. Joseph, and a contract was executed.

In addition to the (2) CAL-64 speakers and the (2) 500LFC subs, other speakers specified were Meyer MM4 and UPM-1P for fill speakers in the main sanctuary, and Meyer UP4-Slim speakers for coverage in the Narthex and Chapel. To help stay within budget, Turbosound IQ-12 speakers were selected for choir monitors, and for a portable outdoor courtyard system to accommodate overflow audiences as needed. A Midas M-32 Digital console was chosen for the main console, along with a Midas M-32 Compact digital console as a sub-mixer at the request of the choir director, as she wanted a separate dedicated console so that she could control choir mics, piano, and the choir monitors.

Sonny Maupin pre-programmed and configured both consoles, so that upon installation, all that remained was individual input gain, EQ on inputs and outputs, and miscellaneous level adjustments.

New World Audio brought in Scott Reed, owner of Guide Technology, as the licensed contractor to handle all electrical, low voltage, structural work, and physical installation of all speakers. All terminations were done by Scott Reed, (Guide Technology), Tony Marra and Jim Moran (New World Audio). Final installation was supervised by Jim Moran (New World Audio). Meyer technician Matt Salerno performed final system calibration and tuning on the Galileo Callisto processor. Rick Camp and Jim Moran (New World Audio) followed up with all microphone calibration, EQ, and any required level adjustments.

Comments overheard from church officials after hearing the new system for the first time included, “This is unbelievable, I can’t tell you how incredible this sounds!” and “We are the envy of every church in the Diocese now!”



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