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Major Manufacturers License Ethersound

FOH Staff • News • September 13, 2006

MERIDIAN, MS–Peavey Electronics has licensed EtherSound networking technology for use in Peavey, MediaMatrix, Architectural Acoustics and Crest Audio professional audio and communications products. Yamaha has also announced they will be using this format. "We have monitored the development and growing acceptance of EtherSound technology, and we're impressed by its rapid implementation and evolution," said Hartley Peavey, Founder and CEO of Peavey Electronics and CEO of Crest Audio.

"As the networked audio market grows, EtherSound will enable us to continue to expand our scope and deliver exceptional value to our customers," he added. "EtherSound's low latency is especially important to us, because live sound is a major part of our market. The ability to interoperate with a wide range of complementary products is important to our customers, and therefore to us."

MediaMatrix, a division of Peavey Electronics, with its computer-based audio processing and control interfacing systems, is the core of more than 4,000 mega audio systems in airports, stadiums, theme parks, government facilities and more around the world. Architectural Acoustics, another division of Peavey Electronics, brings reliable power, audio routing, room combining, loudspeakers and more to thousands of conference centers, churches, shopping malls and other venues.Crest Audio offers a full range of hardware and software solutions for audio control.

"We are very excited to have Peavey Electronics as a member of the EtherSound family," said Jimmy Kawalek, Business Development Manager at EtherSound. "Along with the pro audio industry in general, we are eager to see how Peavey and Crest Audio will deploy EtherSound networking technology."

EtherSound is an open standard for networking digital audio using off-the-shelf Ethernet components. Fully compliant with IEEE 802.3, EtherSound is a deterministic network protocol with bi-directional transmission, high audio data capacity at mixed sample rates and powerful control functions. EtherSound's latency is stable and easily calculated: the point-to-point transmission time between an audio input and an audio output in an EtherSound network is five samples (approx 100 microseconds at 48 kHz), independent of the number of channels transmitted.

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