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Mackie Lightweight Power Amplifiers

FOH Staff • News • June 18, 2008

Mackie has entered the lightweight power amplifier category with their new FRS Series –the FRS-1300, FRS-1700 and the FRS-2800. FRS Series amplifiers combine Mackie Fast Recovery circuitry with a modern switching power supply for sound and performance in portable applications.

The FRS Series features Mackie’s Fast Recovery circuitry designed to create clean, undistorted sound and punch and clarity – even at clipping. High-current switching power supplies make them efficient and lightweight for portable applications.

The FRS Series include a high-resolution, 6-segment LED meter per channel, defeatable clip limiter, subsonic filter, and on-board protection circuitry (short, under-impedance, over-current and thermal). The FRS Series includes three models  – the FRS-1300, FRS-1700 and FRS-2800 with rated output of 1300W, 1660W and 2800W @ 4 Ohms bridged. The FRS Series have an MSRP of $519.99 for the FRS-1300, $649.99 for the FRS-1700 and $769.99 for the FRS-2800. The entire series is now available worldwide.  


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