Luis Miguel Electrifies Santiago

FOH Staff • News • June 28, 2006

BERKELEY, CA–From Luis Miguel's debut album, 1982's Un sol, through his most recent release, Mexico en la Piel in 2004, the Mexican singer's albums have been best sellers throughout Latin America and Europe. Miguel is known to be a perfectionist, personally seeing to the quality of each of his performances. At Miguel's National Stadium of Santiago, Chile, performance last November more than 40,000 people heard him thanks to Stecher Sound, who, along with strategic ally Audiopro, was contracted to provide sound for the memorable concert. They opted for a system of Meyer Sound self-powered loudspeakers to satisfy the show's demanding technical requirements. The main system was made up of left and right arrays of 18 Milo high-power curvilinear array loudspeakers each, with sidefill arrays of 12 M2D compact curvilinear array loudspeakers on each side. Six 650-P subwoofers and eight 700-HP subwoofers on each side, configured to provide a cardioid response, supplied plenty of low-frequency support. A delay system was set up in two towers, each housing nine MSL-4 horn-loaded long-throw loudspeakers and four M3D-Sub directional subwoofers, while four CQ-1 wide coverage main loudspeakers performed frontfill duties.

Based on venue plans sent by Stecher's technical team, Oscar Gamas from Meyer Sound's Mexico office worked with MAPP Online Pro to help develop the system specification, obtaining optimal array heights and angles, checking sound pressure and frequency response from the main system at various spots, as well as configuring for the best coverage from the delay and frontfill systems. The program was also used to determine the subwoofer configuration.

For more info, visit www.meyersound.com.

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