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Line Array Shreds At Guitar Festival

FOH Staff • News • June 14, 2006

DALLAS, TX–Peavey debuted its new Versarray line array at the International Dallas Guitar Festival, held April 20-23 at Dallas Market Hall. An esteemed artist lineup of Gary Hoey, Jerry Donahue and other legends played for the Versarray system's maiden performance on the indoor Peavey Stage. Dallas Market Hall is a major consumer exhibit hall containing 214,000 square feet of real estate, with concrete floors, a metal ceiling and a 4.8-second delay time. Boomer and Peavey audio veteran Ladd Temple used a system of sixteen dual ribbon-equipped Versarray 112 top boxes powered with Crest Audio Pro 9200 and Pro 5200 amplifiers. Two Versarray 218 subs supported the line arrays, and four QW 218 subs, bandpassed low and powered by four Crest Audio Pro 9200 amps, were added to control the power alley that ran down the center of the hall.

Added control of the dynamics came with the VSX 26 and VSX 48 loudspeaker management processors, which the crew employed to help increase intelligibility while maintaining comfortable listening levels.

For a festival-style setup Temple configured twelve bi-amped monitor mixes through a 40-channel Crest Audio console, each mix driven by a Peavey CS 1400 amp for the highs and a CS 4000 for the lows to accommodate up to 14 guitar players, two drummers, a bass player and a Hammond B-3 at any given time. The VSX enabled him to make adjustments in equalization and filtering to monitors, since soundcheck lasted only long enough to make sure the guitar cables were plugged in.

The Versarray 218 model features the patented UniVent venting system, which uses an exclusive process to literally pump air through the enclosure, maintaining cool operating temperatures, increasing reliability and reducing power compression under heavy continuous-drive conditions.

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