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Interactive Digital Education Platform for Audac Users

FOH Staff • News • May 13, 2020

TORONTO – A.C. ProMedia noted the launch of a new interactive digital education platform for AUDAC users.

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One of AUDAC’s key values is to create a personal connection between one another and being part of something more than a business relationship. To keep realizing these goals in these challenging times, AUDAC has just launched its brand-new education platform.

What can you expect on the AUDAC Education Platform?

Users will be able to follow various live webinars on the education platform. These interactive live experiences presented by an AUDAC expert are the perfect way to get to know the brand and its solutions. During the webinars, viewers can use a chat function to ask questions that will be answered directly by an AUDAC representative in the chat.

AUDAC doesn’t see the live webinars as just a temporary solution to bridge these difficult times. Instead, the audio manufacturer looks at it as a long-term strategy to trigger leads and partners in a unique way.

Another way to start learning is via online training videos. These consist of various pre-recorded videos, ranging from entry-level training that introduces you to the products to in-depth training that explains all different functionalities. After completing a video series, you can test your knowledge about the subject by taking an exam. Pass all exams and you will be rewarded with a certificate.

The Education Platform is live now and will receive lots of updates in the near future. Be sure to check it out at and get ready to become an AUDAC specialist!

Contact for more information

AUDAC’s product range is available in North America through A.C. ProMedia. Announcing this exclusive distributor partnership in April 2020, A.C. ProMedia has been working closely with AUDAC to create new relationships here in North America. A.C. ProMedia has also been offering training sessions locally and will customize training sessions to suit your requirements. Join A.C. ProMedia for our webinars today.

If you are interested in learning more about AUDAC, about where you can purchase products, or how to become a dealer, please contact A.C. ProMedia at or visit our website

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