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Heil Sound PR 35 Dynamic Microphone

FOH Staff • News • December 26, 2007

Drawing on the technological advancements within the highly successful PR 30, Heil Sound has introduced the PR 35. Designed with the vocalist in mind, the PR 35 produces unparalleled natural articulate sound over a wide frequency range. The PR 35 features a large 1.5” diameter dynamic element that is mounted on an internal Sorbothane shock mount.

New Heil Sound technology features a unique dual wound voice coil with a magnet structure of neodymium, iron and boron, which create a magnetic field ten times stronger than the traditional magnets of other microphones. When coupled with the large microphone diaphragm, the results are sonically stunning. Company founder Bob Heil comments, “I had requests from several well known FOH mixers for a version of the PR 30 that a singer could use in a traditional handheld manner. We built up several and they instantly found use, notably with Joan Baez. She could have any microphone that she wants but loved the sound of the PR 35.”

The PR 35 has a frequency response extending from 40 to 18,000 Hz and output level of -52.9 dB @ 1000 Hz. A two position roll-off switch is provided to help control unwanted low end.  Its polar pattern is cardioid, and the microphone comes in a black steel frame and grill. All units are shipped with a Heil SM-5 mounting assembly and a hard shell attaché style carrying case.

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