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Foo Fighters Perform at Wembley Stadium with Outline

FOH Staff • News • June 18, 2008

LONDON – The Foo Fighters sold 160,000 tickets in just two hours, months before the band's concert at Wembley Stadium. The venue is a “shrine” for music and soccer fans, as well as a location for other high-profile events. For the sound reinforcement at the largest rock event ever staged at the new Wembley stadium (as the show was described) the organizers called in Britannia Row Productions, the London rental company with a considerable stock of Butterfly systems manufactured by Outline of Brescia, Italy.

Sound coverage of the stadium included 148 Outline Butterfly CDH 483 Hi-Packs, backed up by 72 Outline Subtech 218 subwoofers; powered by Outline T9 power amplifiers (2 4800W in a single rack unit).

The audio technicians in charge – System Engineer Davide Lombardi and Bryan Worthen (FOH) – installed and fine-tuned 14 clusters comprising various quantities of Butterfly CDH 483 Hi-Packs, for a total of 148 systems, and 32 EV X-Line systems; the bottom end was covered by flying 16 Outline Subtech 218 and 24 EV X-Line Subs. The remaining 48 Outline Subtech 218 were ground-installed along the stage. The systems used for short-throw front-fill coverage were Outline DVS 15 and L-ACOUSTICS ARCS.
Regarding the Outline line arrays used for Foo Fighters’ show, Lombardi commented: "Butterfly is considered one of the best line arrays in this sector and is used regularly on the occasion of key events. I’m pleased to use it every time, as are all those at Brit Row."

Wembley was a historical location for Foo Fighters. “This is a concert we’ll talk about for the next twenty years,” said the group’s leader Dave Grohl. In fact, in that precise moment, his band was joined by two members of Led Zeppelin – guitarist Jimmy Page and bass player John Paul Jones – who played a unique encore with them. Along with Foo Fighters, the pair performed “Rock and Roll” and “Ramble on,” hits from the band renowned for “Stairway to heaven” enthralling the crowd.

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