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Festival of Lights Reaches Audiences with McCauley Sound

FOH Staff • News • November 15, 2007

TORONTO — ACS Productions Sound and Lighting Inc. of Ontario, Canada, recently deployed their new M.LINE compact line array rig for Toronto’s version of worldwide festival of the Lady of Lights, or Senhora de Luz.

Working with local provider 5 Star Productions, the two companies teamed up for the four-day event. This was Steve Ferreira of 5 Star Productions first experience with the ACS M.LINE rig.“We’ve been doing this celebration about eight years. What’s great is that it’s free to the public and goes on for about four days,” says Ferreira. “St. Matthews Church throws the event for the parish every year, but this is the first year we decided to use a line array system to reach all in attendance.”

He continue, “I contacted Carlos Costa at ACS and he helped me put together the right rig for the festival. Our event coordinators were beyond impressed with the results of the show and have confidently booked next years festival with the same set up.”

Costa set up 5 Star Productions with a total of 18 M.LINE cells for the show.  With nine boxes per side, Ferreira was working with 14 M90’s and 4 M120’s.  “I also supplied Steve a Midas Verona 36 channel console, with a DBX 482 drive rack and Crown 3600’s to power the whole system.  It was truly amazing to see how such a small box could cover an outdoor event so well.” 

Part of the decision to purchase the M.LINE Array in particular was the amount of time it takes to set up.  “Not only does it sound phenomenal, but you can’t beat the price, you can’t beat the rigging and you definitely can’t beat the quality for the price. Period.  To fly the whole array for this event, took about 15 minutes as soon as the stage was set up.  I can’t do that with any other rig.  It was absolutely mind blowing on how little time was spent in getting this ready for the show,” Costa said. 

Liberato “Lee” Correia, sound engineer and event photographer for ACS, has gotten some contact from surrounding production companies regarding the system.  “It’s interesting, other people in the industry have contacted us to talk about how well the concert was dialed in and how great all the gigs have sounded since we’ve been using this line array system for production. After the Lady of Lights, the M.LINE has really started generating a lot of interest.”


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