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Festival Movistar Musica Gets the VIP Treatment with JBL

FOH Staff • News • June 13, 2008

CARACUS, Venezuela – Showcasing the international adoption of JBL Professional VerTec line arrays, Corporacion Dynaco C.A. in Venezuela provided concert sound rental services for two of the largest events held during Festival Movistar Musica 2008. Movistar, a division of the Spanish telecommunications companyTelefonica, sponsored the festival.  More than 25,000 people were attracted to the production sites, which each featured eight major international artists from Venezuela, Spain, Argentina and Colombia.

The events were held at the Zulia State capitol of Maracaibo’s baseball stadium in Caracas and at the Universidad de Venezuela’s baseball stadium.   

 Dynaco deployed 36 JBL Professional VT4888DP-AN midsized powered line array elements equipped with JBL DrivePack technology for the main left/right arrays and four VT4888DP-AN elements as near fills. Each side also featured eight VT4887 compact line array elements in use for out fill arrays, and a delay tower at the back of the front-of-house area included six VT4887 loudspeakers powered by Crown I-Tech 6000 amplifiers. Other Harman products in the system at the front-of-house position included BSS 366T loudspeaker management systems, BSS Varicurve and FCS960 graphic equalizers providing options for program EQ, along with Lexicon PCM96, PCM70, PCM60 and PCM42 effects processors. Additional signal processing available to band sound mixers included dbx 903 compressors and BSS DPR-901 II dynamic equalizers.
The stage setup was comprised of several rolling risers and the four drum sets were pre-mic’ed at all times.  There were also two complete percussion setups with everything available on multi-pin sub-snakes, which enabled the sound crew to roll out the exiting band and roll in the next band in 10 minutes or less.  
Harman Pro's HiQnet System Architect software was used for remote control and monitoring of the powered loudspeaker system arrays, along with traditional power amplifiers used for supplemental speakers in the system. System engineer Guillermo Sanchez of Dynaco noted the highly useful characteristics of JBL VerTec powered DP Series speaker systems by describing the ability to have direct control of the DSP in each speaker as well as load-monitoring capability for everything in the entire sound reinforcement system during the show.

“Combined with the Crown amplifiers in use on the same network, this gave our audio team performance confirmation for each zone of the system, including things not in the direct listening field for the technicians, such as near fills, out fills, signal delay arrays and such," Sanchez said. “The remote control and monitoring system and internal DSP features gave the sound team a high degree of control over the entire system, including the subwoofer arrays, which provided smooth, even low frequency coverage throughout the venue.”
Throughout the festival, Dynaco’s JBL VerTec line array system received compliments from musicians, band engineers, and promoters for the outstanding performance and versatility of the system, Sanchez noted.
“Technically, the system achieved +/- 3 dB from 100 Hz to 8 KHz behind the mix position, 40 meters (131 feet) from the stage, with significant amounts of low-frequency output available as required,” he explained. “The system’s H.F. response was measured to be 114 dB at the mix position, slow-response mode with C-weighted filtering.”

"With Festival Movistar Musica 2008, the audio team at Dynaco has demonstrated their ability to provide high-quality sound in demanding outdoor environments for large audiences," observed David Scheirman, vice president, Tour Sound, JBL Professional. "Multi-act festival events add another level of complexity to major outdoor concerts, and Guillermo Sanchez and his crew are well-positioned with both system inventory and technical procedures to succeed in this area."


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