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Fender and Furman Form Wholesale Division

FOH Staff • News • June 5, 2006

PETALUMA, CA–Furman Sound announced a partnership with Fender Musical Instruments Corp, through which FMI will serve as a distributor of Furman Sound's AC power conditioning products. Formerly known as Fender Strings, Parts, and Accessories, the newly created FMI Wholesale Division has more than 10 years in sales and distribution of Fender-branded products to the music business. "FMI Wholesale is quickly expanding beyond its core business of distributing Fender products. Power conditioning products from Furman Sound represent the quality, performance, and reliability standards we demand within our growing offering of professional and consumer-oriented electronics," said Jeff Moore, vice president of FMI Wholesale. "This partnership represents a very exciting and promising relationship for both our companies."

FMI Wholesale has committed to serve as a Furman distributor to the musical instruments market and will showcase the company's products through its internal sales force, field sales staff, and trade show presence. This relationship will allow retailers and smaller dealers to benefit from the company's sales organization and realize improved profit opportunities.

Furman's power conditioning products feature proprietary "SMP+" technology, which combines three filtering and protection circuits: Linear Filtering Technology (LiFT) to suppress noise across the entire dynamic range; Series Multi-Stage Protection (SMP) to clamp and dissipate damaging transient voltages without sacrificing itself; and Extreme Voltage Shutdown (EVS) to protect against loss of neutral or accidental connections at high voltage levels.

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