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Enter “The Fluffy Cloud”

FOH Staff • News • May 31, 2020

The Fluffy Cloud was designed to foster a more interconnected space via the creation of the world's first and only fully 360° sound and light experiencesBROOKLYN, NY — An exercise in art and extreme engineering, The Fluffy Cloud was designed to foster a more interconnected space via the creation of the world’s first and only fully 360° sound and light experiences. From full-fledged festival-grade concerts, to small-scale family-friendly light and soundscapes, the goal is to create special connected experiences people will never forget.

The brainchild of inventor/artist Jorge Perdomo’s perspective and experiences, the idea behind the Cloud came from his frustration and boredom with the repetitive and uncomfortable format of a front-to-back performance space, where audiences are crammed toward the front, all facing the same direction. Perhaps serendipitously, the Cloud represents an innovative solution for a world where live experiences must take social distancing into account for any event.

The Fluffy Cloud debuted at the 2019 Burning Man festival. Part art installation, part performance platform and part light show, the 30-foot tall and equally wide cocoon-like structure was designed to provide outdoor concert-goers with a 360-degree visual and aural experience.

Hidden behind its fluffy exterior lie 33,000 sound-reactive LEDs that can be controlled in a user-friendly kiosk. Participants climb into structure itself to find a double-decker observatory level offering panoramic views of the surroundings from nearly three stories in the air. Its 360-degree immersive sound system consists of five tons of custom-designed Hennessey Sound Design ( point-source speakers that bathe listeners in studio-quality sound. Programming can range from family-friendly soundscapes, to wellness seminars, to weddings, to parties.

Since that Burning Man 2019 launch, The Fluffy Cloud reappeared by invitation at the Art Basel show in Miami. The 2020 tour had the Cloud’s had the Cloud circumnavigating the globe in seven different cities before the virus hit. The challenging times allowed for a re-imagined business plan.

“I believe that art reaches its full potential when it is re-interpreted and combined with other pieces of art,” says Perdomo. “From that perspective, I think of the Cloud as a very special paintbrush which, if placed in the hands of other dedicated creatives, can create unmatched experiences. For this reason, I don’t call it a ‘touring club’ because the Cloud can and has been used for everything from yoga sessions and sound baths, to dinners and corporate events.”

The Cloud now has plans for upcoming tour stops in Miami, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and San Francisco, as the world’s first “touring event space.”

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