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Calvary Chapel Employs SLS Loudspeakers

FOH Staff • News • August 17, 2006

OLD BRIDGE, NJ–Consolidated Audio, a New Jersey-based pro audio sales and installation company, installed multiple SLS Loudspeakers in the sanctuary of Calvary Chapel located in Old Bridge, New Jersey. "Calvary was experiencing sound control issues due to layout of the building," explained Erik Wayne, of Consolidated Audio. "We needed to find a way to amend the problems and elicit a sound best for a church. We knew the SLS speakers would be an excellent fit."

Wayne installed 112 RTs and 212 ELs in the auditorium of Calvary Chapel, which is located in a structure previously designed as an office building. Having a distributed system, the chapel required a system with better fidelity. Calvary also includes other forms of multimedia, including projection screens, that required smaller speakers to complement them.

"One of the key points when installing loudspeakers in a church is for the congregation to hear the sound, not see the system," continued Wayne. "The whole idea is to focus on the preacher. The sound system isn't supposed to take away from the service but rather add to the experience. I think we successfully prevented any distractions from the auditorium's worship atmosphere with the way we positioned the SLS speakers."

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