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Behind the Scenes Mental Health Initiative Introduces Toolbox Talks One-Sheets

FOH Staff • News • August 24, 2021

USA – The Behind the Scenes Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Initiative announces a key addition to its Toolbox Talks program: One-Sheets on a range of topics designed to delve deeper into common issues currently impacting entertainment industry workers as they navigate fluctuating work situations and frequently changing Covid protocols.

As the industry continues to transition and re-open, industry leadership and supervisors are observing significant anxiety in the workplace and are requesting tools to help their crews better navigate and manage the return to work. One-Sheets briefly describe general mental health concerns such as anxiety, depression and substance use, and offer basic information and resources around these prevalent issues within the industry.

We must continue raising awareness and normalizing the conversation around mental health and emotional wellness in the workplace and these flyers are designed to be posted in break rooms or be handed out with schedules or during toolbox talks. The goal is to convey the message that psychological safety is as important as physical safety.

The Toolbox Talks program was created to assist with language around mental health and wellness in order to facilitate respect in the workplace. Sample language is provided to incorporate mental health into daily safety briefings, and Toolbox Talks can be tailored to fit specific individual and group needs.

The Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Initiative, and programs such as Toolbox Talks and One-Sheets, are committed to creating and sustaining psychologically safe workplaces for the entertainment industry.

Behind the Scenes has collaborated with other concerned organizations and individuals to create the Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Initiative. A series of tools and resources has been developed to not only help you but also assist you in helping your colleagues, friends and family. Find links to additional tools and resources and information about the initiative at

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