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Balashikha Arena Scores with Outline Sound

FOH Staff • News • April 16, 2008

MOSCOW – For sound reinforcement at the "Balashikha,” the home arena of the great "MVD MO" ice hockey team, almost a hundred Outline loudspeaker systems have been permanently installed: the units are a combination of line-array, point source and stage monitor systems.

The main rig at the Balashikha comprises 32 Outline Doppia II A 9075 enclosures (2×12”, 1×10”; 1×3”), flown in pairs round the perimeter of the hockey rink and aimed at the tiered spectator seating, in order to amplify the music and any announcements with sufficient SPL and high intelligibility.
As far as reinforcement on the actual rink is concerned, four more Outline Doppia II A 9075s are flown in a single cluster in the exact centre of the rink for this purpose.
A sound system for live concerts was also requested for the Balashikha and a transportable rig was chosen, bearing in mind the precise requirements for events also staged outside the arena. For this purpose, two Outline Butterfly line arrays were flown alongside the stage, with a total of 24 CDH 483 Hi-Packs and twelve CDL 1815 Lo-Packs, used along with eight floor-installed Subtech 218 for the amplification of the bottom end. On-stage, artists have twelve Outline H.A.R.D. 115 SP stage monitors at their disposal.
To amplify and control the Outline enclosures installed at the Balashikha, Outline T series power amplifiers and Genius signal processors were chosen.
The system was installed by
Moscow’s Koemart, one of Outline’s Russian distributors.


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