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Adamson Aids Spread of Gospel

FOH Staff • News • February 20, 2007

BOGOTA, COLOMBIA — Alex Campos recently recorded a live DVD named "El Sonido Del Silencio-Acoustic/Unplugged-2007," and the concert took place at the Iglesia Filadelfia Puente Largo in Bogota, Colombia. Campos was joined by some guest stars, including Marcos Witt, a Latin Christian artist and Hispanic pastor at Joel Osteen's Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas; Lilly Goodman, a female vocalist from the Dominican Republic; and Dr. P a Hip-Hop artist hailing from Puerto Rico. Alvaro Llano provided FOH engineering for the show. He chose to use the Adamson SpekTrix line, not only because of its size, but for other reasons as well: "Using SpekTrix allows Latin music, which is rich in percussions and ethnic instruments that need a lot of headroom to pass the peaks and transients generated by such instruments. But it's also important to mention the warm mids in it that enhance my vocals and the richness of the highs without them adding any harsh colorations."

The final speaker set-up consisted of four SpekTrix five-degree tops and three SpekTrix subs, all powered by Lab.gruppen and processed with XTA's 428 Drive DSPs. Average SPL for the show at mix position, which stood at about 75 ft from stage, was at 104dB C – weighted with controlled peaks going up to 110 dB C – weighted.

The concert also utilized eight Shure UR4 Wireless systems, two Dynaudio Acoustics studio monitors, two TC Electronics M3000 F/X processors, two Yamaha PM5D-RH digital consoles (recording), one Yamaha M7CL digital console for live sound reinforcement (FOH & MON), Shure, Newman, Akg, Audiotechnica, M-Audio & Countryman Mics, and two Trident S20 dual vacuum tube preamplifiers.

Assisting Alvaro Llano at FOH was Mauricio Vilar, son of Cesar Vilar of C. Vilar, Ltda, who provided the system for the recording.

The new Alex Campos Tour underway is named after the DVD and coincides with the release of "El Sonido Del Silencio," and will continue to Panama, Argentina, Mexico, Peru, Bolivia, Guatemala, Costa Rica and 18 cities in the USA, until late 2007.

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