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Vive Latino Celebrates with NEXO

FOH Staff • International News • June 26, 2007

MEXICO CITY — Every year, Vive Latino in Mexico City ranks as one of most important Latin America rock "en español" festivals. Billed across the hemisphere as Festival Iberoamericano de Cultura Musical, Vive Latino's 2007 Blue Stage featured only NEXO loudspeakers including, for the first time, the GEO D Series.

NEXO expert Sergio Zenteno, with the support of NEXO's Roberto Tschopp, directed the system engineering and set-up. Local NEXO specialist Tecnoson Espectaculos provided an 18x GeoD10 and 10x CD18 SubBass system, with NX242 TD controllers, fitted with ES4 NXtension cards for latest- spec-processing capability and powered by Camco Vortex 200 amplifiers. Audience side fill was handled by 6 x GEO S with CD18 SubBass. Fold back included 12x NEXO PS15U compact full-range cabinets under NX242 control and powered by Vortex 6 amps, while multiple stacks of NEXO Alpha handled the drum fill requirements.

Since the first Vive Latino in 1998, the event has presented a wide assortment of Latin musical genres, including many "indie/alternative" acts. In May 2007, many of these international and local bands performed for the first time through a unique hybrid of NEXO sound reinforcement systems, the well-established GEO S Series used together with the new GEO D10 tangent array cabinets.

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