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Spa Resort Rooftop Lounge Bar in Albania Upgrades with Martin Audio

FOH Staff • International News • October 27, 2021

Prosound provided BlacklineX and CDD series components.

VLORË, Albania – Part of the Diamond Hill Resort & Spa, the new 400-capacity Rooftop Lounge Bar in the Albanian city of Vlorë, has been fitted out with a high-power Martin Audio sound system, comprising components from the BlacklineX and CDD series—supplied and installed by their territorial distributors, Prosound.

More details from Martin Audio (

Offering breakthtaking, panoramic views, the lively venue delivers a combination of House music from DJs interspersed with live bands by night, and BGM during the daytime.

Prosound had been contacted by the venue’s architects to provide a solution. “But the procurement process was similar to that of a tender since the client also received offers from other providers,” acknowledges Prosound’s technical director, Endrit Veleshnja, who recommended Martin Audio and designed the system around it.

Explaining his reasons, he said, “BlacklineX series has continuously shown that it offers the ideal speaker models in situations where quality sound with moderately high SPL levels is required. Another consideration was that the system needed to be affordable.

“As for CDD series, offering premium sound quality and weather protection, it was the perfect choice for the terrace.”

Installed inside the venue are 10 Blackline X8, along with a pair of X10 and four SX210 subwoofers, ground stacked. Outside on the U-shaped terrace, which bends around the indoor perimeter, are 10 CDD6 and four SX110 subs, suspended from the small terrace roof.

In addition, Prosound installed the mixing console and the matrix system that divides the sound zones (which is also controlled by a smartphone/tablet). They also installed the entertainment lighting system on a small stage in the middle of the indoor venue. This stage is located inside the bar and sits on a glass frame, with views down through six stories.

Kliton Gjika CEO of Prosound reports that both the client and his customers are delighted with the results. “Also, the different live bands that have performed at the venue during this summer season have provided very positive feedback about the quality of the sound system.”

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