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Russian Theater Upgrades with RCF

FOH Staff • International News • January 2, 2021

PODOLSK, Russia — Built in 1966, the Palace of Culture “October” in Podolsk (near Moscow) is an 850-seat theater with two levels and hosts many types of events from dance to concerts and local events.

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Installed more than 10 years ago, the previous sound system was unable to properly cover the spacious balcony area. Therefore, tickets to the balcony during box office concerts were not sold, avoiding complaints from disappointed patrons. When the budget was approved for a new sound reinforcement system, a mandatory requirement from management of the House of Culture was to provide a high-quality sound experience to all sections of the venue including the balcony and main floor seating. ARIS, RCF’s Russian distributor, recently provided a new all-RCF speaker system, with HDL 28-A line arrays and SUB 9004-AS subwoofers for a new and improved sound, allowing to the venue to re-open to the 240-seat balcony seating to the public.

ARIS suggested hanging two RCF active line array clusters of six elements each. The two upper elements in the cluster exclusively target the balcony, and the four lower elements handle the main floor. Three SUB 9004-A active 18-inch subwoofers were configured in L / R stacks providing sound at lower frequencies. All control and monitoring of the system is carried out from the sound engineer’s booth using RCF’s RDNet protocol.

The HDL 28-A line array enclosures provide a higher sound pressure level, higher index of intelligibility, perfect coverage, and ease of remote control in real-time through RDNet software.

A preliminary demonstration of the proposed equipment was carried out for the customer. ARIS specialists dismantled the existing system and temporarily installed a new one in its place, in order to show the customer the accuracy of the simulations and overall RCF sound quality. It was a successful demo, and the customer applauded the vast improvement and new convenience of managing the system.


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