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Nightclub in Tunnel Creates Whirlwind of Challenges for Void Acoustics

FOH Staff • International News • June 16, 2008

PORTUGAL – Void Acoustics undertook an unusual installation in Portugal, involving a club in a tunnel. Porto's newly opened GARE Club features an all-Void system, installed by T2 Produção e Eventos, designed to deliver an exciting, high-impact sound throughout the club.   The club's main room occupies a 35-meter tunnel, with a ceiling height of 10 meters and 6 meters wide, with the system incorporating Void's the triple-horn Air Motion speakers, as well as the Stasys 8 dual 18" horn loaded enclosures.  

GARE Club's owners, DJs Freshkitos, were keen to match their unusual venue with an eye-catching system, capable of delivering a top quality sound throughout the club.  They approached local and international sound company, T2 Produção e Eventos, on the basis of its reputation for high profile installations across clubs, venues and theatres. T2's Raul Ribeiro, a sound engineer and producer in his own right, expands:

"GARE Club presented us with something of a challenge, as a tunnel isn't exactly an ideal acoustic environment!  We knew that Void's Air Motions would be perfect out front, backed by Stasys 8s for the main area, and decided to put a further pair of Air Motions at the back for additional intelligibility.  We first came across Void's unique designs in 2005 at PLASA, and knew we had found the perfect tool.  

He continues, “Our dream was to design and install systems that would deliver an accurate and bulletproof sound.  Void's philosophy of form following function does exactly that, and we have been working closely together ever since.  Void sponsored Creamfield in Lisbon last year at our invitation, and we were proud to act as the company's European promoter this year in Frankfurt, at the VOID Bunker Party.  It is a great partnership, reinforced by successful installations such as GARE Club."

The main room is equipped with two Air Motions, facing the audience, complemented by three Stasys 8s, while another two Air Motions provide an extra degree of intelligibility at the back, creating a virtual "square" of sound.  Extra sub reinforcement is from a fourth Stasys 8 cabinet.  The all-Void installation includes two of the compact Impulse 4ts for the bar area, which benefits from some sub leakage from the main dance floor area.  The VIP room and wine bar are equipped with two B12s and two VSUBs, mimicking the main system set-up but with a lower SPL.

A pair of Mycro 8s give the club's trendy entrance lounge a comfortable ambience with comprehensive intelligibility, bringing guests into the Void sound field from the moment they enter the club.  The DJ Booth was built around two Air Tens and one VSUB, in line with the many live acts performing at the club, providing a powerful sound in a small package.  Amplification throughout the installation is from Void's range of Kryo Dual power amps, and the system includes the Livedrive and Digidrive loudspeaker management systems.  


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