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Andrew Crawford, a.k.a. The Mix Wizard, Offers MixWizard Sessions with Allen & Heath Gear

FOH Staff • International News • May 7, 2020

Andrew Crawford from TAG

SYDNEY – With a CV that spans everything from rock ’n’ roll to opera, Andrew Crawford (aka The Mix Wizard) has been revealing his mixing secrets to a global YouTube audience through his MixWizard Sessions.

More details from Allen & Heath (

In an ongoing video series that kicked off at the end of March, Andrew, from Allen & Heath’s Australian distributor, TAG (Technical Audio Group), has already racked up almost 20,000 views and covered topics ranging from how to use SQ’s onboard compressor as a de-esser to setting up A&H mixers for live webcasting. There have even been guest appearances from Allen & Heath’s MD Rob Clark in a run of four episodes where The Mix Wizard admirably matches up to Rob in a fierce compressor ‘nerd-off’.

“In normal times my world is all about connecting with the audio community in Australia, and I’ve driven thousands and thousands of miles in the Ampervan to run SQ, Avantis and dLive trainings,” Andrew comments. “Right now that’s obviously not an option, so as I am surrounded by gear I decided to create the MixWizard Sessions as a different way to share some of the creative mixing techniques that I’ve evolved over the years. We’ve had great interaction from viewers, and that’s helped me to come back with totally relevant tips and tricks.”

Allen & Heath’s full program of webinars and livestreams, along with the MixWizard Sessions, can be found on the Allen & Heath Sessions web page at

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