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Amate Audio Statement on Covid-19 State of Emergency

FOH Staff • International News • March 20, 2020

BARCELONA, Spain – Amate Audio founder and CEO Juan Amate issued a statement on the Covid-19 state of emergency from the company’s headquarters in Barcelona, Spain on March 20, 2020.

More details from Amate Audio (

In this time of unprecedented crisis, resulting from the spread of COVID-19, all of us are faced with challenges outside of our common experience, for which we are unlikely to have prior contingency. In such circumstances we require to implement adaptive measures with the utmost agility.

At Amate Audio we are moving rapidly to confront and meet those challenges. We are taking immediate action to secure the integrity of our supply and distribution chains and our clients’ business, as well as our continued financial health and corporate wellbeing, throughout the course of the crisis and beyond.

To this end we are able to guarantee the continued delivery of orders to our clients during any reasonably foreseeable interruption to production, as may be required by the civil authorities. Likewise, our ability to quickly restart and achieve volume production secures our distribution and fulfillment capability as far as is possible.

We do this with the utmost attention to the health and safety of our employees, whose wellbeing is always our first concern.

Juan Amate, founder and CEO

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