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Solotech Announces New U.K. Organizational Structure and Leadership

FOH Staff • On the Move • November 26, 2019

Solotech UK managing directors Spencer Beard and Alex Penn

MONTREAL – Solotech is aligning its U.K. organizational structure with its global structure. As of Jan. 1, 2020, SSE Audio, Wigwam, Capital Sound and BCS Audio, all owned by Solotech, will be collectively referred to as the Solotech UK group and operate under the joint leadership of managing directors Spencer Beard (pictured here, left) and Alex Penn (pictured right).

More details from Solotech (

Alex Penn, SSE Audio’s former Sales Director, and Spencer Beard, formerly Managing Director of Manchester-based Wigwam, will respectively lead the Sales and Systems Integration (Sales and Installations) and the Live Productions (Hire) operations for the Solotech UK group. Both Penn and Beard will thereby become part of Solotech’s global senior management team and will be working under the direction of Philip Giffard, President of the Sales and Systems Integration Division and Mickey Curbishley, President of the Live Productions Division USA & UK.

SSE Audio’s founder, and previously SSE Audio Group Managing Director, John Penn remains within the new Solotech UK group structure as Strategic Advisor, helping to deliver Solotech’s global and local vision.

“To round out this unified approach, we have aligned all our UK brand identities to the Solotech brand image, with more integrated logos that incorporate features of each brand combined with the inclusion of “A Solotech Company” statement, fully establishing Solotech’s footprint in the UK”, notes Martin Tremblay, President and CEO of Solotech. “However, there is still a clear commitment to retain the brands of SSE Audio, Wigwam, Capital Sound and the recently acquired BCS Audio, in their various markets as we believe that our distinctive UK brands should continue to deliver to their respective client bases.”

The Solotech UK group will enable greater support to each of the UK brands, at a global level being fully integrated in the Solotech structure; at the national level by sharing resources and services between the UK brands; and at the local level by continuing to exceed the UK clients’ expectations daily.

“This structural evolution, while aligned with our strategic corporate goals, once again confirms that our clients are at the

heart of our focus. I look forward to what’s to come for Solotech worldwide as we continue to evolve,” concludes Tremblay.


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