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Open Air Festival Electro Magnetic 2019 Event Gets RCF Boost

FOH Staff • International News • November 12, 2019

The dance festival was staged for two nights this year at Völklinger Ironworks. Credit: Julian Huke Photography

VÖLKLINGEN, Germany – The eighth Open Air Festival Electro Magnetic took place for two nights this year, with close to 60 DJs and live acts bringing the beats to the UNESCO World Heritage Völklinger Ironworks. RCF audio-systems supplied by German event company TRIACS GmbH were used on all floors during the event.

More details from RCF (

For the eighth time the Open Air Festival Electro Magnetic took place in Germany. For the 2019 edition almost 60 DJs and live-acts performed a huge variety of electronic music – mainly house, techno, trance and minimal – on different floors in a unique location, the UNESCO World Heritage Völklinger Ironworks, a large industrial compound, developed at the end of the 19th century. In 2019 and for the first time the Electro Magnetic Festival celebrated two nights at Völklinger Ironworks. The combination of unique sound, light and video installations as well as the worldwide unique location, a fascinating work of art was created in areas that are otherwise closed to visitors. RCF audio-systems were used on all floors. German event company TRIACS GmbH was responsible for the technical implementation of the main floor.

More than 16,000 people met, dancing to the beats of big names like Carl Cox, Boys Noize or Amelie Lens, making the 2019 edition one of the biggest electro parties in Germany. Part of the event were the PA systems from RCF, used throughout all floors and stages of the festival. TRIACS GmbH was responsible for the mainfloor and implemented a RCF HDL 50-A system. Together with the several production partners, organising company 4 plus 1 Konzerte GmbH around managing director Thilo Ziegler was able to present an event that sets standards.

To perfectly reproduce the electro stars’ performances, TRIACS used several RCF modules on the main floor. 2x 10 HDL 50-A Line Array Modules (hanging) together with 16 SUB 9007 (Sub Arc Cardioid) were in place as the main PA. Additionally 8x HDL 30-A were used as nearfill. 4x TT 1-A covered the VIP zone. TT 052-A modules in combination with In-Ear acted as the monitoring for the control rooms (light, laser, video).

The sound equipment of the other floors: 

“Craftsman Alley”

Front: 14x HDL 10-A, 12x 8004-AS

Delay: 2x HDL 10-A, 2x 8004-AS

Monitor: 2x ST 15-SMA, 2x 8004-AS

“Scrap Track”

Front: 18x HDL 6-A, 4x 8004-AS, 2x 8006-AS

Monitor: 2x ST 15-SMA

“Inclined Elevator”

Front: 4x HDL 10-A, 4x 8004-AS

Monitor: 2x ST 15-SMA

Other companies involved in the Electro Magnetic Festival: Laserfabrik (laser), FOG (SFX), Provisuell (video) and Gebrüder Rende Gerüstbau (rigging), Lux and Fabula, Senad Deumic & Jan Eiserloh (idea and planning) and Gerdon Design (lighting design).

Additional information about TRIACS GmbH can be found here:

More info on the active 3-way line array modules HDL 50-A can be found on the RCF website:

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