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Morris Provides d&b GSL System for NCAA Basketball Tournament’s “Final Four” Showdown

FOH Staff • News • April 24, 2019

Surrounding the temporary video board, GSL8 loudspeakers were flown in eight hangs of ten cabinets in the round

MINNEAPOLIS – Morris Light & Sound chose a d&b audiotechnik GSL system for audio support of 2019’s “Final Four” matchups, which took place at US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, MN in early April. Texas Tech and Virginia beat Michigan State and Auburn, respectively, in the two National Semifinals games on April 6, and Virginia won the final game for the National Championship on April 8.

More details from d&b audiotechnik (

After deploying GSL for Kenny Chesney’s Around the Sun tour at the venue in 2018, Morris knew that the only loudspeaker system that could solve the complex audio challenges of the stadium and event would be GSL.

The big brother in the well regarded SL-Series, the GSL loudspeaker is unique in that its 2-way active design features two 14″ LF drivers and two side firing 10” LF drivers combining in a geometry that creates unprecedented low frequency headroom, which couples toward the front to increase the LF output and cancels toward the rear by applying cardioid techniques. The symmetrical arrangement of the neodymium LF drivers around the centrally mounted coaxial MF and HF components allows for a smooth overlap of the adjacent frequency bands in the crossover designs. With the 14” LF drivers being driven from one amplifier channel, all other components can be passively crossed over and driven from a second amplifier channel. The horizontal directivity pattern is seamlessly maintained down to 45 Hz.

David Haskell, President of Morris Light & Sound commented, “The GSL system provided rejection on the court that couldn’t be achieved with any other product. The cardioid properties of the box were able to dramatically reduce excess noise and provide unmatched audio intelligibility.”

Surrounding the temporary video board, GSL8 loudspeakers were flown in eight hangs of ten cabinets in the round. Additionally, eight Y10Ps were used on a separate feed as competition loudspeakers to cover the floor. The flagship d&b D80 amplifiers were flown on two separate platforms and controlled using the d&b R1 Remote control software. These elements combined allowed Morris to provide consistent sound across the coverage area from a trim height high above the video board.

Kevin Day, Associate Principal at WJHW and trusted consultant to US Bank Stadium was thrilled with the choice. “Expectations were high after hearing the GSL rig in setup and tech rehearsals – nice high frequency detail, smooth overlap zones and very good direct-to-reflected sound. The system performed very well and delivered PA, music and sound effects for each of three big games. It had a lot of gas left in the tank while delivering 105dBA and fueling crowd excitement.”

Morris applauds Avant Acoustics, the NCAA acoustical consultants, for their work throughout the three-day event. “John Hodgson, Robert Ledo and David Wetzel were top professionals.” Haskell said.

“David Haskell and the Morris team are recognized and well respected by the stadium operators,” Day concluded. “Morris is known as a production company that puts a lot of effort into making these stadiums work for their production. They brought that same experience and effort to help make our events a success.”

Morris crew consisted of SE Justin Keasling, A2 Chris Bushong, and Fly Techs Phil Spinner and Justin Curtiss. d&b audiotechnik Americas staff was also on site to assist.


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