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Clair Global Partners with Mountain Productions to Assist with Disaster Relief Efforts

FOH Staff • News • March 27, 2020

Mountain Productions is shifting from festival staging to temporary hospital construction.

LITITZ, PA – Clair Global, a worldwide production company that supplies reinforcement in professional audio, backline, event communications and high-density networking, is refocusing efforts to help communities and government officials by providing IT, networking and communications services for temporary disaster relief structures made necessary by the Coronavirus outbreak.

More details from Clair Global (

Custom Cloud Managed Mobile Production / Office Racks. Network/Wi-Fi/Printing/IP Phone stations that are all remotely monitored and managed.

Responding to high-pressure situations is built into Clair’s DNA. With more than 50 years in the live event industry, Clair already works alongside emergency service agencies to provide network connectivity and emergency communications for the events they support.

The company is now partnering with Mountain Productions, Inc. to integrate Clair’s turnkey solutions and custom designs into Mountain’s large-scale temporary hospitals and disaster relief centers. “When we launched the MTN Emergency Services platform, Clair Global immediately heeded the call, and we are proud to be working with their world-class organization and unique solutions to address this global crisis,” says Ricky Rose, CEO at Mountain Productions. The combined efforts of the companies help to ensure emergency personnel can continue uninterrupted operations while working in temporary or improvised locations. Clair’s services include LAN/Wi-Fi-based connectivity, pre-built mobile office setups, network security and monitoring, and push-to-talk mobile voice communication.

“We are thrilled to be able to integrate our expertise into a resource that enables those who are working on the front lines to combat this pandemic,” says Matt Clair, CIO at Clair Global.

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