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Capital Sound Supports Stereophonics European Tour with Outline Superfly System

FOH Staff • International News • May 12, 2020

LONDON – Capital Sound, a Solotech Company, long-time audio supplier to the Welsh rockers Stereophonics, deployed an all-Outline system for the European leg of their latest tour, in support of their 11th album released in Oct. 2019, Kind.

More details from Outline (

The tour made 13 stops across Spain, France, Germany, Holland, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Italy, taking in a variety of venues. Capital Sound provided a total Outline inventory including 28 Superfly enclosures for the main system plus 12 Mantas 28 cabinets for side hangs, six LIPF-082 stage lip-fill speakers and 12 GTO-SUB subwoofers. System control was from a single Outline Newton FPGA processor.

The band’s long-serving sound engineer Dave Roden was at FOH. He commented, ‘Nick Boulton and I have found Superfly to be an exceptionally good sounding and flexible cabinet. It has a very flat, consistent response which reacts very well to EQ and copes easily with a wide dynamic range of programme material. The low box weight and fly-ware also means we can hang a sufficiently high number of cabinets from the smallest to the largest of venues, whether clubs, theatres or arenas.’

‘Some of the results have been truly stunning and all in all, I feel the combination of Superfly and Mantas was the perfect choice for the European leg of the current Stereophonics World Tour 2020. I look forward to using Outline products again in the future…!’

Capital Sound System Tech Nick Boulton added, ‘I was very impressed with the musicality of the Superfly. In terms of tonality, it’s very smooth and hi-fi and allows you to get very even coverage with smooth transitions between hangs. Also, Outline have done a great job with the prediction software, which allowed me to verify my designs before putting them into practice. There aren’t many user-friendly 3D bits of design software out there, but they’ve managed to create one.’

‘The other key part of the system for me was the Newton processor. It’s an extremely powerful tool and my life would have been a lot harder without it!’



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