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Austrian Rock Band Wiener Wahnsinn Tours with Two dLive Consoles from Allen & Heath

FOH Staff • International News • January 23, 2020

Tom Deimbacher with dLive, photo by Le Luca Bei

VIENNA – For more than 20 years, Allen & Heath has provided audio support to rock band Wiener Wahnsinn, who perform around 120 gigs each year from local shows to some of the biggest open-air festivals across Europe. Pictured here is Tom Deimbacher, technical director and FOH engineer for the band, which now tours with a dLive C3500 and an SQ-6 at FOH and monitors.

More details from Allen & Heath (

dLive at FOH for a show featuring Wiener Wahnsinn. Photo by Tom Deimbacher

Freshly equipped with a dLive C3500 and an SQ-6 for FOH and Monitor duties, Wiener Wahnsinn have recently wrapped up their latest ‘Doppelt oder Nix’ (Double or Nothing) tour, where the new systems were deployed for the first time.

Having previously toured with an iLive T112, technical director and FOH engineer, Tom Deimbacher adds, “The band decided to stay in the A&H family as the mixers are just the easiest things to use. The dLive user interface is so well designed, and I love being able to route whatever I want to wherever I want. Plus, they sound amazing!”

Supplied by Allen & Heath’s Austrian distributor, ATEC Pro, the band also purchased a DM0 MixRack equipped with a gigaACE card, a Dante card (fitted in the dLive surface for virtual soundcheck and multitrack recording), and two DX168 expanders for additional I/O.

Needing a compact system that could be adapted for any kind of situation, the band explain, “We needed the system to be as flexible as possible, ensuring the utmost quality for the audience, whilst keeping our sound engineer happy by providing him with the best possible tools to do his job. We have quite demanding requirements when it comes to sound and monitoring, and so far, Allen & Heath mixers have been the only ones to deliver literally everything we want and need.”


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