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International News

  • Aerosmith Rocks India with Meyer Sound

    FOH Staff | International News | January 16, 2008
    - It’s been more than three decades since Aerosmith released their self-titled debut in 1973, and the “Bad Boys from Boston” continue to deliver exciting new material, most recently on a new blues album due out in this month. On their world tour, the band delivered a high-energy show in India for the first time ever, performing at the open-air grounds of the historic Bangalore Palace. To ensure every dB of power reached fans with ample clarity and presence, Bangalore-based Reynolds Sound and Lighting Services supplied a massive system based on Meyer Sound
    MILO-family high-power curvilinear array loudspeakers.
  • Led Zeppelin Performs for Sold-Out Crowd with Meyer Sound

    FOH Staff | International News | January 9, 2008
    – Eighteen thousand fans packed London
    ’s O2 Arena for the most anticipated concert in recent history.  John Paul Jones, Robert Plant, Jason Bonham (son of original band member, John Bonham) and Jimmy Page played a two-hour, 16-song set through a Meyer Sound MILO system provided by UK-based sound rental company, Major Tom Ltd. At front of house, Big Mick mixed the band, while Roy Williams handled Plant’s vocal.

  • Glastonbury Pyramid Stage Goes Digital with Optocore

    FOH Staff | International News | January 8, 2008

    GLASTONBURY, ENGLAND ­-- With a multigenerational talent line up on three stages that included Amy Winehouse, The Who, Paul Weller, The Killers, Paolo Nutini, Arcade Fire, Bloc Party and a host of others, last Summer’s Glastonbury Festival was a success despite occasional heavy rain.

  • Michael Buble Croons Away with DiGiCo

    FOH Staff | International News | January 2, 2008

    BOURNEMOUTH, U.K. - Marking the middle of a world tour in support of his third album, Call Me Irresponsible, Canadian crooner Michael Bublé played eight U.K. arena shows. Accompanying Monitor Engineer Craig Brittain was the latest member of the touring entourage – a DiGiCo D5 Live console.

  • EAW Establishes EAW Europe

    FOH Staff | International News | December 26, 2007

    WICKFORD, U.K.Eastern Acoustic Works (EAW) has established a new operation – exclusively focused on the EAW brand – that dramatically upgrades the company’s ability to serve the crucial European professional audio marketplace.

  • Amsterdam Milky Way Extends with Martin Audio

    FOH Staff | International News | December 19, 2007

    AMSTERDAM ­- For many years, the legendary rock club, born out of the 1960s flower power era, featured one of Martin Audio’s pioneering Wavefront 8 systems. But after a stringent multisystem evaluation earlier this year, the club opted to upgrade to a 3-way Martin Audio W8LM Line Array solution in their main “MAX Room.”

  • Major Brazilian Soccer Event Scores with EV Sound

    FOH Staff | International News | December 19, 2007

    SAO PAULO, BRAZIL — Held at São Paulo’s Morumbi Stadium, the 2010 World Cup qualifying game between South American soccer heavyweights Brazil and Uruguay used an Electro-Voice sound reinforcement system deployed by the Tukasom Company.

  • Remaining Members of Led Zeppelin Perform Tribute Concert with Midas XL8

    FOH Staff | International News | December 17, 2007
    - Nineteen years after their last appearance, the three surviving members of Led Zeppelin, together with John Bonham’s son Jason, took to the stage at the 02 Arena to perform a tribute concert for their late record label boss Ahmet Ertegun, who signed them to Atlantic Records in 1968.

  • Squeeze Returns to Stage with Nexo

    FOH Staff | International News | December 12, 2007

    LONDON – Thirty years after the debut album, eight years after the last tour, Squeeze have been playing their first live shows of this century in the UK. Supported by NEXO GEO tangent-array PA systems supplied by SSE Audio Group, the band has sold out mid-sized venues throughout the UK before stepping up to 5,000-seat, high-profile clubs for the final dates.

  • Lunas del Auditorio Awards Gets Mixed with Midas XL8

    FOH Staff | International News | December 12, 2007

    MEXICO CITY – One of the biggest entertainment industry events on the Mexico City media calendar, the annual Lunas del Auditorio Awards held in the city’s Auditorio Nacional, celebrates the best live talent, productions and performances from across Latin America. Along with top stars appearing onstage, the new Midas XL8 digital mixing system made its debut at FOH.

  • Opera Bastille Provides Audio Experience with Optocore and Yamaha

    FOH Staff | International News | December 5, 2007

    PARIS — The Opéra Bastille Paris was inaugurated in 1989 as part of the French Revo-lution Bicentenary celebrations. Always a visionary in audio technology, the Opéra Bas-tille was the first to work with an analog console featuring remote total digital recall. During a recent technical overhaul, the opera integrated Optocore and Yamaha as the basis of the system.

  • Chick Corea Jams with Nexo

    FOH Staff | International News | December 4, 2007

    PRAGUE — Jazz piano player Chick Corea arrived in Prague to give a concert at the prestigious Smetanova Hall. RentalPro provided a NEXO GEO S8, CD12 front-of-house PA and a PS Series stage monitoring system. Although undemanding in terms of inputs — just 12 —  sound reinforcement was controlled by an EtherSound network.

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